Our journey was the answer to a simple question. What would happen if a cryptocurrency project backed by Cannabidiol (CBD) and Marijuana (MJ) Cultivator while being USDA Certified Organic was 100% run by the project and its community? While the term DeFi literally includes the word decentralized, this is in reference to economic status as opposed to its internal hierarchy.

Projects built on the foundation of community involvement in the cannabis space along with advancing and evolving into our future. As we move further away from rigid financial structures and traditional mindsets, we become free to discover new ways to solve problems and relate to one another.

In a world ruled by the commodification of time, community-run projects along with a company are more than just a change of pace, they are a way to practice the radical acceptance of others. When success depends on the shared strength of the individuals who make up a collective, we are forced to shift our perspectives to align with those around us, which is called freedom.

The Bomar Token Ecosystem introduced on the behalf of Bomar Agra Estates (we are Cultivators) is our way of recognizing the importance of tearing down this long-established paradigm in the cannabis industry since both CBD and MJ have numerous beneficial values not fully explained in college and universities studies.

By studying those drawn to our project for every walk of life, we realized that true strength doesn’t come from one of us alone, it comes from when we work together in harmony. With that thought bright in our minds, we began developing the Bomar Token Ecosystem in earnest which is backed by our dedication as farmers, people, botanists, and scientists.

Our goal is to bring the best and the most organic cannabis plant to the market.”

– Bo O. 
Bomar Agra Estates, LLC