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The BOMAR Ecosystem

We are dedicated to building the best Decentralized Ecosystem (DECO) that benefits the general public in regards to the Cannabidiol (CBD) and Marijuana (MJ) marketplace and circling it back to the farmers to further evolve the industry. Our three tokens are the pillars of the Bomar Token Ecosystem sprouted, and along with BomarSwap is how we will dig in our roots back to the earth.

Our three tokens (Bomar Agra: $BOMAR, Greenhouse: $GREEN, and Hempcrete: $CRETE) are the beginnings from the Bomar Ecosystem Tokens and BomarSwap is how we kept to our farming (swap, staking and pairing) roots. The purpose of the cryptocurrency exchange swap is the general public can exchange, stake, pair or swap tokens for a slippage fee of six percent (6%), which the fee will be allocated back to the Ecosystem’s Development Wallet.

The users can become liquidity pool providers called (pairing), supplying an equal value pair of two cryptocurrencies (e.g. WETH/BOMAR) in order to receive $CRETE token rewards whenever anyone utilizes that pool. The users can also SWAP tokens, to exchange one token for another Our unique tokenomics structure, design, technical implementation, and viral growth from numerous marketing avenues, word-of-mouth and dedication to the cannabis plant will reinforce the platform’s strength and ultimately provide residual benefits to the Ecosystem.

Bomar Agra Token (BOMAR)

The Bomar ($BOMAR) is for this minting of one billion two hundred million (1,200,000,000) tokens of $BOMAR for future cannabis or token development initiatives or for future DEX listings.

Greenhouse Token (GREEN)

The Greenhouse ($GREEN) is the second token in the BOMAR Ecosystem, as a simple ERC-20 Token. Whereas the supply of Greenhouse ($GREEN) is one hundred and five thousand (105,000) minted tokens

HempCrete Token (Crete)

The HempCrete ($CRETE) is the third token in the BOMAR Ecosystem, it will only be able on BomarSwap in the beginning 2023, $CRETE Tokens has two hundred fifty million (250,000,000) minted tokens.