Anything’s possible with blockchain & cannabis sativa

The Bomar Token Ecosystem is a decentralized public cryptocurrency
combined with Cannabidiol (CBD) and coming soon a Marijuana (MJ)
project by Bomar Agra Estates is open source on the Ethereum platform

Decentralization Finance of Cannabidiol & Marijuana

With our team of farmers, botanists and extraction professionals understands what it takes to deliver exceptional products

Farm Cultivators

The framework of Bomar. Put to work. To get results

We are dedicated to building the best Decentralized Ecosystem (DECO) on the planet in co-relation to the Cannabidiol (CBD) and Marijuana (MJ) industry. Our three tokens (Bomar Agra $BOMAR , Greenhouse: $GREEN, and Hempcrete: $CRETE) are the beginnings from the Bomar Ecosystem Tokens and eventually our BomarSwap portal will be how we kept to our farming (Swap, Staking and Pairing) roots.

  • Three (3) Token Ecosystem
  • Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Reward System
  • NFT Collection on OpenSea
  • Low Supply of Tokens
  • Specific Wallets For Proper Development
  • USDA Certified Organic Product Offerings


The Bomar ($BOMAR) is for this minting of one billion two hundred million (1,200,000,000) tokens of $BOMAR for future cannabis or token development initiatives or for future DEX listings.


The Greenhouse ($GREEN) is the second token in the BOMAR Ecosystem, as a simple ERC-20 Token. Whereas the supply of Greenhouse ($GREEN) is one hundred and five thousand (105,000) minted tokens


The HempCrete ($CRETE) is the third token in the BOMAR Ecosystem, it will only be able on BomarSwap in the beginning 2023, $CRETE Tokens has two hundred fifty million (250,000,000) minted tokens.

Our community grows stronger every day.

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The BOMAR Whitepaper V1.0

We (Bomar Agra Estates) are building a Web 3.0 network for cultivators, b2b corporations to b2c companies from within Cannabidiol (CBD) and coming soon Marijuana (MJ) is blockchain protocol built for mainstream adoption